Saturday, June 1, 2013

The 'Feel Good Factor'

The best way to start a day is 'feeling good'! And its good to feel good about anything at all! Just watching my little one smiling in his sleep.. A lovely sunrise..  or waking up with a lovely bird song.. or waking up without actually snoozing the alarm! Even better.. waking up just before the alarm goes off! Ah! A perfect start is bound to make the day perfect too!.. 
I have observed, If I have a strong 'feel good' in the early hours of the day, It gives me that boost and just sets the right tempo to be good at anything and everything I do.. Yes! The house will be extra clean,laundry done and folded on time, all things will be just right.. Cooking will be pretty good and done well in time.. kids.. their activities will be happening as planned.. Those extra 'to do' things which keep on jumping from current list to next one will be covered.. And I will have spare time .. Which I utilise in a perfect way!! Wow!!

Oh! But who am I kidding! I know myself so well.. and I confess I am quite capable of carrying forward the Lazy Sunday mood right through Monday and on occasions even stretch it till Tuesday! I can go from lazy to messed up in two days! Procrastination! 

And It was this lazy me who got a kick start one morning.. And it was a perfect day! Everything running smooth.. That is when I realised, how important this feel good factor is..  Because ultimately it helps me to be efficient and organised. It also made me realize (yet again..) the importance of discipline. So, If I don't start my day the way I thought I would, I try to find or do something that gives me the tempo.. like.. an energetic cup of adrak wali chai! ..  exercise (b'coz I am regularly irregular).. RJs playing all my favourite songs.. Being able to have a leisurely lunch.. Just going through accomplished 'to lists'..  and so on..

Well, this being a recent development, I don't have much experience to back me up.. But with whatever little I do have, I can say, It worked 7/10 times.. 

But yes, sometimes things just don't work out the way we want them to.. On such a day, I tried to at least end my day on a good note.. like resolving for a fresh start.. Making a new 'To Do' list.. Just forget everything and have a nice walk to clear my head.. Read a good book before going to bed.. Listening to my favourite songs.. and yes it did make a difference..

I guess this effort to 'feel good' is the way to be positive and think positive.. And If it works for small day-to-day goals, It should for the long-term ones as well! So, I am hoping to keep going this way.. Let us see how it turns out to be.. 

I would love to know what you feel about the 'feel good factor' and what your 'feel good' things are..